The personnel of this company are active in the following fields with more than twenty seven years of experience:
The manufacturing of factories dedicated to the production, montage, packaging, and sterilizing disposable medical devices
Providing and the installation of sterilization devices using ethylene oxide gas
The sale of empty stainless steel cylinders of ethylene oxide gas
The design and manufacture of clean rooms for medical and pharmaceutical devices
Providing and the installation of clean room filter systems with HEPA filters
Honors of the company:
2009: The winner of the Best Medical Devices
2010: The Winner of the National Economy Infrastructure and Development Medal
2010: The Winner of the Iranian Health and Medicine Hall of Fame
2010: The Winner of the National Medicine and Related Fields Trophy
2010: the Winner of the Economical Infrastructure Development Award from the National Assembly and center for Competition
2010: Certificate from the Support Deputy of the IRI Medical Council in the Field of Medical Devices
2020: Certificate from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Iran for the Endeavours in the Field of Market Competition and International Development
2011: Winner of the National Medal of Health and Medical and Dentistry Devices
2011: The Winner of the National Council and Center of Competition for the Improvement of Health and Medical Devices Award
2011: The Winner of the Management Award of the International Assembly of Brand Management (The Winner of the Brand Award from Philips, Polo, and Gap)
2011: The Winner of the National Trophy of the International Day of Diabetes and the Iranian Diabetes Council Award
2011: The Winner of the National Trophy of Support
The Winner of the Committee of Standard Policy Making Award and the Islamic Quality Control
ISO 13485 and CE from Twoo Co.
ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 from PRS Co.
Brand Management Certificate from BRS British Company
Crisis Management Certificate from the Canadian Aliencell Academy
Quality System Management Certificate from the American BRS
International Brand Management Certificate from the Australian Brand Management Council
The Winner of the Flourishment of the Resistance Economy Conference Award
Honorary Diploma of the National Festival for the Acknowledgment of Improvment of National Quality
The Winner of the Iranian Exceptional Job Creator Award
The Winner of the International Platinum Trophy Award in 2014 in Frankfurt 

The National TV and Radio the Best Research and Job Creation Conference Trophy
The Companies that We have Worked For:
Plastic Pharmaceutical Pars Company , Iran Supa Medical devices Manufacturing Co., Varian Medical Inc., Medical devices Forums MEN, Kamran Medicine Company, Physician Assistant Inc., Arak Cat Gut, Arak Syringe Company, Nick Manual Labor Inc., Quest Inc., Sarmad Treatment, the Drug Distributing Company, Creator of Treatment, medical devices companies in Iran, company structure cosmos medicine, Tehran Sina company, Hoora Medicine Inc., Disposable clothing companies overseas, the syringes company, Tehran Last Company, Mina syringe Roudsar devices Co., Fanavaran medicine Co., Ava Doctors, Medical Pedram Port Company , Arshia Inc., Manny Medical Coverage Inc., Health Practitioners Fellowship of Tehran, Relief Distribution of Zanjan, Semnan Surgical Company (Satks), Aknun Health Syringes, Eldad Mehr Pars Company, Qian Caspian Medicine Co., Sahand Wide Coverage, Environmental Testing Company, Medicine and Polymer Company, Sepahan Thin Polymer Company, Isfahan Medical devices Company, Saane’ Medical Company, Dayrak Company, Sarya Seal Inc., Inspired Medicine Inc.
The Gold Category certificate in recognition of NIAMSH Co.LTD. received in Paris in the year 2013 International Star for leader in quality Award
NIAMSH Co.LTD., as one of the pioneers in the field of medical devices won the Gold Category certificate in the recognition of received in Paris in the year 2013 international star for leader in quality Award. This trophy is one of the greatest quality trophies in the world based on 100 criteria of quality.
Support for Creativity in Disposable Medical devices
We aim to create the potential to job creation, support innovation and creativity, monetize research results, bridge between knowledge-based units and modern creativities and production and market, create safety for the founding of new and modern marketplaces, creating a suitable atmosphere for the growth and expansion of creativity in the field of disposable medical devices, as one of the strongest units of factory manufacturing for the medical devices in Iran.
NIAMSH Co. is honored to use its twenty seven years of management experience to be ready to consult and support creativity and new inventions in the field of disposable medical devices.
You can contact the NIAMSH Co. management for consultation.